Online Convocation: The Time of Jacob’s Trouble

On Saturday evening, September 19th at 7PM Eastern, we addressed the sobering question of the futurity of “Jacob’s Trouble” as found in Jeremiah 30:6. We will also look at the cutting off of “two thirds” found in Zechariah 13:8

Can we rightly dare to discuss these things without calling it a “Holy Convocation”? This is indeed holy ground, and we should approach the evening with shoes off and hearts circumspect.

If we can firmly establish from the Scriptures the futurity of this time (as we believe we can), we hope to then explore the grand implications for the character, disposition and mission of the believing Church during those days.

Among our goals is strike the pace and tenor of the Spirit, not rushing or striving to accomplish more that it pleases the LORD to do during our time together. Also, we pray that our proclamation concerning these things amounts to nothing other than “Jesus Christ and Him Crucified.”

NOTE: Some of us may be referencing this message about “Jacob’s Trouble” by a Christian Prayer Ministry in Israel.

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