“Mystery of Israel” Radio

This is the home for Mystery of Israel radio broadcast. The program began streaming LIVE on Friday mornings from 7:45am to 8am EST on Asheville, NC’s WSKY 1230AM radio station on Nov 10th, 2017 and will end on Nov 9th, 2018.

These broadcasts are not to be confused with highly recommended mysteryofisrael.org website featuring the writings of Reggie Kelly. The Mystery of Israel radio program, with Tom Quinlan as host (while certainly inspired by the website of the same name) was started to be a local outreach to the Asheville, NC area. We believe that we are living at the climax of this age, and that the plans and purposes of God for this generation MUST be declared before men are held accountable. Our prayer is that a people from this local community will be prepared to love and serve God even while the prophesied flood of iniquity sweeps through the land. We also desire to be a witness of the coming mercies to the chosen descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Below you will find links to the video and audio archives of each session. Additionally we will endeavor to provide links to download any of the music or other items referenced in each broadcast.

YouTube Playlist HERE

Session 52 – Farewell Prayer

Session 51 – “The Cut Off Messiah Returns TO Jerusalem”

Session 50 – “The Curse Reversing Seed of the Woman”

Session 49 – “The History of the Mystery”

Session 48 – “The Heart of the Mystery”

Session 47 – The Future of This Broadcast

Session 46 – “God’s Remedy: The Day of the LORD”

Session 45 – “The Land and the Holy Spirit”

Session 44 – “The Land Which I Swore to Give…”

Session 43 – “I Will Be With You Always, Even to the End of the Age”

Session 42 – “The Meditations of Isaac”

Session 41 – “God Will Provide Himself a Lamb”

Session 40 – “God’s Promises to Abraham”

Session 39 – “Jacob Have I Loved”

Session 38 – “Immediately After the Tribulation of Those Days”

Session 37 – “The 2300 Days”

Session 36 – “The Last Seven”

Session 35 – “The End of the Five Visions”

Session 34 – “The End of Strength”

Session 33 – “The Timing of the End”

Session 32 – “Avoiding False Alarms”

Session 31 – “Now I Will Show Thee the Truth”

Session 30 – Why Study Daniel? (Re-run of Session 9)

Session 29 – Portions of Psalm 119 – Gimel, Teth, Yodh & Kaph

Session 28 – Portions of the Song of Moses – Dt 32

Session 27 – …What Shall Befall THY People in the Latter Days…

Session 26 – He Shall Confirm the Covenant with Many for One Seven…

Session 25 – In the Middle of the Seven…

Session 24 – They Despised His Words Until…

Session 23 – Messiah Shall Be Cut Off

Session 22 – The Oath That Is Written in the Law of Moses

Session 21 – When They Accept the Punishment of Their Iniquity

Session 20 – The Transgression of Desolation

Session 19 – The King of Fierce Countenance

Session 18 – Neither Is There Any That Can Deliver From My Hand

Session 17 – I Was Determined To Know Nothing Among You

Session 16 – He Came TO the Ancient of Days

Session 15 – One Like The Son of Man

Session 14 – The Stone Cut Without Hands

Session 13 – Reading of Daniel 2

Session 12 – The Wise Shall Understand

Session 11 – Thy People Shall Be Willing

Session 10 – He Shall Exalt Himself

Session 09 – Seek Him While He May Be Found

Session 08 – Whosoever Shall Call on the Name of the LORD

Session 07 – Kiss The Son

Session 06 – The Big Picture (Part 3) – After Two Days…

Session 05 – The Big Picture (Part 2) – For the Transgression of My People…

Session 04 – The Big Picture (Part 1) – Messiah Shall Be Cut Off…

Session 03 – I Could Wish Myself Accursed…

Session 02 – Sit Thou At My Right Hand UNTIL…

Audio Only – Session 02 – Sit Thou At My Right Hand UNTIL… (Psalm 110)

Download Psalm 110 (set to music)

Session 01 – Mystery of Israel Introduction

Audio Only – Session 01 – Mystery of Israel Introduction (Romans 11)

Download Romans 11:36-39 (Set to Music)