The Mystery of Israel and the Church

Don’t get flustered. Hang on to the tape. And like all the other tapes, they’ll gather value as we come more deeply into the time. It will become like a rare wine, standing on the shelf, waiting for the time to be opened.” A. Katz, 1987 (Quoted from this series of messages)

OneThe Mystery of Israel and the Church Nov. 6

TwoThe Mystery of Israel and the Church Nov. 7

ThreeThe Mystery of Israel and the Church Nov. 8

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I first heard Art in early 1985, less than one year after my initial conversion. Those initial messages were obtained from a Full Gospel Businessmen’s Tape Ministry. After hearing these messages I aborted plans to go to a “Faith” Bible school and earnestly sought the Lord to go live at Ben Israel. I sent a letter to them and never got a response. (Decades later it occured to me that this letter would have arrived during that brief time when no one was living there).

The door of the Lord’s choosing was a Bible School in upstate NY, where I stayed for a year. It was there that I learned of a ministry (Zion Ministries) in my own home town of Asheville, NC that had informal Devotions and Bible classes daily. So it was for two years I did not hear anything from or about Art Katz. Then, in late 1987, a dear sister gave me a set of three recently recorded messages by Art on the subject of “The Mystery of Israel and the Church.”

These messages impacted me deeply. For over ten years (until I found the Ben Israel web site) those 3 messages were my only contact with Art. Of all the great themes that Art spoke on in the course of his 40 years of ministry, it now strikes me as non-accidental that it was these messages (and not some other topic) that were brewing in my innermost being all that time.

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