At about the same time Zion Christian Press was born, I began meditating on the Psalms daily. I credit that to the inspired work of the musical group Sons of Korah. No other music was able to capture the things I was experiencing or feeling. At that time, this group had recorded portions of thirty to forty Psalms.

After about a year and a half, of cycling through this music on a daily basis, I began to hunger for fresh material. That is when the thought of writing music to Psalm 119 came into being. Seven months later, the melodies and basic recordings were complete, although some tracks have been enhanced since that time (Kaph, Lamedh, Qoph, Shin, etc.)

While the material below may not be “professional” enough to be marketed, I have found it good enough to withstand daily listening, singing and meditation. I have hope that it will be a similar blessing to others. – TQ

Psalm 119

The Song of Moses

Psalms for Messiah

Isaiah 53