Zion Christian Press was originally intended to be a destination for those who have just read one of the written tracts that have been published under the ZCP name. The goal of the site was to provide access to all of the ZCP literature free of charge both for those who might desire to distribute it and for those who have read one or more of the booklets and are intrigued enough to seek more info. Since I have not been actively distributing those tracts, one could rightly question what the purpose of this site is.

Upon reflection, the aim of ZCP is still to reach God’s ancient people, the Jews, with a Christian message from angles that may not have been considered before. That also entails reaching the church, those grafted into the commonwealth of Israel through the blood of the Lamb, with a challenge to look at what the scriptures are asking of those who have believed the report of God’s amazing grace upon undeserving humanity. In essence, we are to become the message of God’s favor not just receive it for ourselves and know it in our minds.

So this could be called a ministry dedicated to Jewish Evangelism, but that would only be half the story, because it also involves an indictment of the “Christian” Church for failing historically to embody the Lord’s heart towards His covenant people. Therefore it could be said that we, as a whole, have failed to recognize the same Jesus that His contemporary Jewish community, as a whole, failed to recognize.

As the Apostle Paul summarized at the end of Romans Chapters 9-11: God has bound all men over to unbelief so that He may have mercy upon them all. [2012: After 7 years of maintaining this site, I remain a prime candidate for His tender mercies.]

I take no delight in making people uncomfortable, but if the consideration of ideas that make one uncomfortable is a precursor to receiving the actual comfort of God Himself (as it has been in my own life), then it is not a vain or meaningless endeavor.

Zion Christian Press is not out to prove anyone’s devotion to God. Rather, this site, and the words that are written here are a grateful response to God’s love and devotion to us: His devotion to me, His devotion to Israel, His devotion to the Church, and His mercy and devotion to helpless sinners wherever they are.

Nowhere is God’s zeal for humanity seen more clearly than it is at the Cross. There, God’s anointed Son Jesus, allowed Himself to be made a curse for our sakes. He who knew no sin, became sin, so that we who knew no righteousness could become the righteousness of God through Him.

If there is any fleshly labor in what I do (and my family will be the first to tell you that there is), consider it my labor to enter into His rest. God is already doing something… and He is going to succeed at it regardless of our efforts. That much is clear from the scriptures. Our job is to find out what He is doing and to simply co-labor with Him.

I believe He is reaching out to His ancient people, the children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The curses of the Law will reach them first, therefore the good news of God’s unmerited favor is to reach them first as well. “I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for salvation for everyone who believes, to the Jew first…”

There is no building with large equipment for the printing of books and such. If you take up your cross and die daily then you are as much or more a part of ZCP as I am. God is writing living epistles on human hearts and has already given us His Holy Scriptures which were written with the blood of the prophets by the inspiration of His own Spirit.

If you distribute any literature from this site, I pray that you will do it in the humility and boundless love of the Lord Jesus Christ.

If you would like to help with the domain name and web hosting expenses you may click the link at the bottom of this page. ZCP is not tax exempt. If you give, let it be because God has spoken to your heart to do so.

Thank you for visiting. I am encouraged that you made it this far into the content, but ultimately my desire is that you will find that the scriptures themselves will be more opened up to you than they are currently, for in the scriptures are the words of Life, if you will come to the Author and ask Him to help you understand. I pray that God will cause you to forget anything you encounter on this site that did not flow from His precious Word and His Holy Spirit.


Tom Quinlan (2005, updated 2012)

PS Please email me with any comments you may have. I welcome feedback of all types.