Young Earth

The entire content of this website depends on the Bible being the written word of God. Those who have already become believers have the witness of the Holy Spirit in their hearts to confirm this, but it doesn’t hurt to know that we need not fear what can be discovered through true science. This page is devoted to the scientific defense of the foundational chapters of Genesis, which have been under attack for the last century.

Creation Science (Hydroplate Theory)

Dr. Walt Brown has developed a comprehensive theory he calls the Hydroplate Theory. He has written a textbook style book called “In the Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood” currently in its 8th edition. For a five minute video synopsis of the theory click here.

Northwest Creation Network

This site has downloadable lecture videos by men from various disciplines. I was especially interested in meteorologist Michael Oards talks on The Ice Age and Noah’s Flood. If you are not sure why these issues are even important, Mike Riddle has a compelling lecture called “Does It Matter What We Believe?”

Creation Research Society

Sponsors research and produces a quarterly peer reviewed journal called “Creation Research Society Quarterly“. Michael Oard and Russell Humphreys, who have other links on this page, serve on the board of directors.

Answers in Genesis

Mainly geared toward the layman, this site aims to “uphold the authority of the Bible from the very first verse”. They also publish an in-depth technical research journal three times a year for creation scientists to present their research and theories for peer review.

Institute for Creation Research

This site contains almost 400 articles by various scientists and other researchers on issues pertaining to the Biblical view of creation.

I found these two radio interviews (in the Real Audio format) with nuclear physicist Dr. D. Russell Humphreys on “Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth”, and “Starlight and Time” to be compelling.