Hebrews – The Blood of the Everlasting Covenant – (Online Bible Study)

Hebrews Bible Study SquareA handful of the most bold and controversial statements of the New Testament are found in the Book of Hebrews. It is “Exhibit A” in the hands of some Orthodox Jews who use it to show that the teachings of Christianity are contrary to the Law of Moses. It is “Exhibit A” in the hands of some Christians who point to it to show that God is done with Israel as we knew it.

In this study we hope to touch the heart of the God of Jacob, and probe the mysteries of the radical nature of what has been revealed to us in the life, death and resurrection of Messiah, the only begotten Son of God.

This series is now complete. You can find archives of this Hebrews Bible Study HERE.

Session 2 below:

Our opening session in Chapter 1 was rich:

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