Revelation: The End Considered (Online Bible Study)

Revelation: The End Considered

“I would like to begin with a question. What does God want to reveal in the Revelation? Is it His unrestrained wrath, or is it the greatness of His Son the Lord Jesus and the glory due to Him by the creation? I am opting for the second answer.” — “The foundation of the Christian gospel is the righteous deserving wrath of God being finally dealt with in the death, burial and resurrection of Christ.” – Travis Bennett, Introduction to Revelation

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Below is our pivotal discussion from the previous series “Paul’s Gospel in the Old Testament”.
Romans Chapter 11 could well be the climax of the book of Romans. Ending with Paul’s 4 verse outburst of ecstatic praise to God, we do well to examine all that comes before that we might share in his awe of God’s foretold strategy.


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