God’s Foretold Work – Genesis 1-11 (Session 2)

This week looked at Genesis 1-11, the account of creation, the fall, the first promise of a remedy, and the first judgment of the earth by water. Again, our study was conducted with a mindful eye toward preparing for the judgment to come in these last days.
| Scripture References for this session are available HERE. |
| Hi-Res version of the Timeline shown in this session is HERE. |

We used Google+ Hangouts on Air again as the tool for the broadcast. We found a way to show the Bible verses as they are being read. It was a bit rough in the beginning, before we discovered the “cameraman” tool to keep the video focused on the text.

Thank you to Andrew and Erika Neal for their participation, and to Travis Bennett for trying to get into the discussion. That little “interruption” was a divine encouragement. Looking forward to his participation in the near future.

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