Divisions among you.

September 2006
I visit Ben Israel, the Christian community in Northern Minnesota where Art Katz lives for the first time. I share a little of our circumstances with Art and he suggests that we may have left Zion prematurely. I interpret that as meaning that we left without at least sharing our hearts fully to everyone.

On my first Sunday back at home we go return to “Zion.” I share my heart openly (but with not much grace) about the pastor being in authority over the fellowship since she is a woman (see “Late Fall 2005” below). The pastor asks me who I think the pastor should be. The question catches me off guard. I had been praying for her husband and heard “full repentance and full restoration” so I said it should be him.

Interestingly, God sent a lady from Tennesee, whom we had never met before as a witness of the whole service.

The following Wednesday we were asked not to return unless we could acknowledge her as pastor.

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