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About the name, “Zion Christian Press”

[…] Just as Zion was one of the final places the children of Israel conquered, so in these last days it is a place of contention in the purposes of God. Like David, those who would be pillars in the house of God, and co-laborers with Him, must be willing to be cast out into solitary, dry places, devoid of the rewards, accolades and approval of the world. The last vestiges of our human strength will be dried up there, but we will emerge from that wilderness “leaning on the arms of our beloved”. [read more…]

About the site, “Zion Christian Press”

[…] Upon reflection, the aim of ZCP is still to reach God’s ancient people, the Jews, with a Christian message from angles that may not have been considered before. That also entails reaching the church, those grafted into the commonwealth of Israel through the blood of the Lamb, with a challenge to look at what the scriptures are asking of those who have believed the report of God’s amazing grace upon undeserving humanity. In essence, we are to become the message of God’s favor not just receive it for ourselves and know it in our minds. [read more…]