Psalm 119 for iPad

The introduction of the iPad presented a new problem for the portions of my website that have audio and video, since I was using Flash players in order to make that content accessible. I found a little plug-in for WordPress (search for “QuickTime Embed”) that allows QuickTime to be the player for that content. For Psalm 119 I have implemented what is basically a podcast format that allows images of the album-song graphics and lyrics to be displayed gloriously. Unfortunately at the present time it does not render quite as nicely on Macs and PC’s.

Simply tap the Hebrew Letter Icons to go to that song. Images are Hi Definition so expect a bit of delay for loading.

Click to Play

Psalm 119a Aleph

Psalm 119b Beth

Psalm 119c Gimel

Psalm 119d Daleth

Psalm 119e Heh

Psalm 119f Vav

Psalm 119g Zayin

Psalm 119h Heth

Psalm 119i Teth

Psalm 119j Yodh

Psalm 119k Kaph

Psalm 119l Lamedh

Psalm 119m Mem

Psalm 119n Nun

Psalm119o Samekh

Psalm 119p Ayin

Psalm 119q Peh

Psalm 119r Tsadhe

Psalm 119s Qoph

Psalm 119t Resh

Psalm 119u Shin

Psalm 119v Tav

Psalm 119v Tav