Gospel of John (Online Bible Study)

We’re always thinking about and meditating on the big picture, the prophetic timeline as manifestation of the character and nature of God, our conversation in the wilderness, and the proclamation and demonstration of His coming kingdom.

After a bit of wrestling with options, we’re going to turn our attention to the 1st appearing and incarnation of our Great King through the lens of the gospel of John. My initial thoughts are the emphasis on the Word becoming FLESH. – – – – GREAT is the mystery of godliness…

And we will be on the look out for the hard words of our Jewish King to His brethren, His kinsmen according to the flesh. Critics say the book is anti-semitic. We need to be able address that claim head on, and own (and utter in true love) His words if the need should arise.

Session 1 – “The Word was Made Flesh” – John Chapter 1
Session 2 – “Come and See” – John Chapter 1
Session 3 – “Mine Hour is Not Yet Come” – John Chapter 2
Session 4 – “You Must Be Born Again”John Chapter 3
Session 5 – “Come and See a Man…”John Chapter 4
Session 6 – “Except You See Signs and Wonders…”John Chapter 4
Session 7 – “Do You Want to be Made Whole?” – John Chapter 5

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